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Hosting and Domain Registration

Domain registration and hosting was Ripplewave’s first business over 20 years ago and we have never stopped, but we have improved our services and increased our reach. Over 10 years ago we became registered domain registrars in Kenya, registration in the.com region and now we register domains all over the world with multiple domain names and prefixes. In 2023 we partnered and formed www.ripplewave.space which is a premier web hosting platform on the web.
Our expertise goes far beyond just Web hosting and goes into building of frameworks and hosting of apps for services online. Along with web hosting, we host mail for Microsoft 365, Google for workspace and Amazon Workmail and we also are partners with mailbox.org and proton mail to offer secure private email services.
I hope is that you will take our challenge for our services so that we can provide you with a stable exclusively private and satisfactory hosting service.We enjoy what we do because we do it for you thank you and looking forward to hearing back from you.