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Data collection, Storage, Archiving and Backups

Ripplewave understands that with the increase in data collection, Data storage, archiving and Backup sizes. It is imperative that every organisation develops a data collection, storage and arching solution that keeps in tune with the expansive nature of data that is collected on a daily, minute by minute, second by second basis, i.e. in real time.
Traditional backup solutions are overwhelmed by the sheer volumes of data that are collected each and every day by organisations and your organisation is not different in this regard. If you are not collecting and keeping and archiving your files, your software, your CCTV storage, your fingerprint data, your security footprint, you are vulnerable exploitation and vulnerability. To do global business today, trust and compliance models are in place to enable corporations to meet and deal with a global marketplace and if you are not compliant you may find yourself out of it. We are AWS partners and we seek to provide cloud-based and physical solutions to meet the challenges faced by data storage and archives. Your data is your gold hence you need to protect it and keep it as it is your most vital asset for your future growth and prosperity as a company.
We ask that you give us a chance to offer solutions that maximise on the potential of the data that you are collecting to point it in the right direction to give you actionable items and outcomes that will provide operational effectiveness and profit making to your clients and to you as the business owners. Reach out to us and we will develop a strategy solution and process that will transform your company from not only bricks and motor operation into a cloud power house.