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Partner: Website X5 – incomedia

About Incomedia

Incomedia was founded in 1998, out of a passion for technology shared by two brothers, Federico and Stefano Ranfagni, and their belief that technology should always exist to serve people. The next phase started in 2000, when a friend asked, “I’m not a programmer but I want to launch a website. Can you help me?”. It may have seemed crazy, but during a trip one hot summer day, the core idea for what would become WebSite X5 was born. This software, as intuitive as it is comprehensive, would allow anyone, even the inexperienced friend, to create their own website in just 5 steps. Today, WebSite X5 is sold all around the world, and we are still excited to keep developing it and to seek new software and solutions.


Become a Web design Powerhouse with Website X5

We recently partnered with Incomedia to bring their premier Webdesign software into the Kenyan market.

1. No more monthly subscriptions.
2.  Quick development of sites
3.  Create your site in 5 easy steps and now also with AI
4. SEO oriented
5. Mobile friendly site development.
Unliminted Projects
7. AI asssistant for generating text.
8. Over 140 Customisable templates.

And many more  check out www.websitex5.com

All this and more for the unbelievable launch price of:

 – WebSite X5 Evo €49.99
 – WebSite X5 Pro €99.95

50% off market price.

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