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Partner: Redington Distribution


About Redington Distribution

Redington is a thriving US$9.92 billion technology solution provider with a network of 290 international brands in the IT and mobility spaces across 38+ markets. We are spearheading swift technology adoption across emerging global markets by leveraging our robust ecosystem, expanding partnerships and ingenious operational innovations.

Our mission is to offer a robust technology-powered platform to enable a seamless flow of products and services.- Redington


Ripplewave  Ltd has been working with Redington Distribution to provide  Computer Hardware and  Licenced Software and Cloud solutions under the Redington banner. Brands include Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple, Microsoft, Canon, Delta and Eaton. With our partnership we are able to supply, manage and authenticate our product lines with proper Warranties and Warranty support and region safe equipment. 100% Originals.

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